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TV 3.0 – A new Media Experience

With its unique personalization features, the MPEG-H Audio system, developed by Fraunhofer IIS, offers fully adjustable dialog levels, customizable audio description, multiple languages, and even interactive object positioning. As a result, users can customize their media experience according to their individual preferences and needs. In addition to its unprecedented personalization options, MPEG-H Audio provides immersive audio on all types of playback devices – from home theaters to 3D soundbars and mobile devices.

About the MPEG-H Audio System

In Brazil, the TV infrastructure will be updated over the next few years to implement a future-proof system that meets all demands of a modern audience’s content consumption. The current Brazilian digital terrestrial TV system, TV 2.5, has been enhanced with optional high-end technology, such as MPEG-H Audio, to facilitate a smooth adoption of the technologies selected for the new TV 3.0 system. MPEG-H Audio has been chosen as the only mandatory audio system for TV 3.0 and will ensure an immersive media experience that can be adapted to an individual’s listening requirements and preferences. Several major broadcasters like TV Globo and TV Cultura are already using MPEG-H Audio technology for some of their regular broadcasts in Brazil. The first country to mandate MPEG-H for UHD TV was South Korea is 2017, and the technology was since adopted by all major broadcast standards (ATSC 3.0, DVB, ISDB) and all streaming specifications.
MPEG-H Audio is a Next-Generation Audio system for sound creation, transmission, and consumption that provides not only immersive sound, but also extensive interactivity options, which benefit the entire media industry from artists and content creators to technology providers and infrastructure businesses all the way to global audiences. The technology is used for audiovisual content as well as in the music industry, where it is the the noligy behind Sony’s 360 realiuty Audio format that enables users to listen to their favourite artist’s music in 3D on platforms like Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music.
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