Brazilian Broadcasters Get Fit for the Future

Rede Amazônica uses Laguna Media Processor with MPEG-H Audio support on their Amazon Sat channel.


In Brazil, the changeover to the new TV 2.5 broadcast system and eventually to TV 3.0, the fully digital one of future decades, is in full swing. More and more broadcasters are implementing solutions and systems that make them fit for the future. Rede Amazônica, the largest communication group in northern Brazil, is among the early adopters of the new technologies. They already partnered with Fraunhofer IIS in 2021 to integrate MPEG-H Audio, the sole mandatory audio system for TV 3.0, on their Amazon Sat channel.

After the successful rollout of the audio system, which excels through the capability to deliver personalized sound experiences and immersive sound, Rede Amazônica are now beginning to upgrade their devices to ensure the best possible experience for their audience and staff. Their new broadcast encoder is the Laguna Media Processor by SAPEC, a technology partner of Fraunhofer IIS. SAPEC worked closely with the Fraunhofer technology experts for the integration of the MPEG-H Audio Encoder Software.

“We are proud of our reputation as a driver of technology innovation and adoption,” says Eduardo Lopes, Engineering Director of Grupo Rede Amazônica. “A device from SAPEC, who work closely with our trusted partners at Fraunhofer IIS, felt like the natural choice to ensure that all our requirements are met and our audience receives the high-quality programming they deserve.”

The Laguna Media Processor is a state-of-the-art multichannel platform developed for broadcast contribution/distribution and provides exceptional video and audio processing capabilities. Thanks to the integration of MPEG-H Audio, it ensures that broadcasters like Rede Amazônica can deliver full Next Generation Audio experiences to their audiences and paves the way towards a smooth integration process for other technology providers.

“We are thrilled to provide one of our flagship products to Grupo Rede Amazônica,” says Miguel Á. Cristóbal, CEO of SAPEC. “We believe that the unique features of MPEG-H Audio open up new possibilities for broadcasters, elevating the audio quality and enhancing the viewer’s experience. It is great to contribute to the future broadcast system of Brazil together with other technology leaders.”


About SAPEC:

SAPEC is a company that designs, develops and manufactures reliable video contribution and distribution solutions for highly demanding broadcast and telecommunications environments. Its solutions enable the transport of audio-visual content with professional quality in real-time and without limitations, whether via satellite, fiber optics, IP, radio links…


About Rede Amazônica:

The Rede Amazônica is a Brazilian conglomerate based in Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas. One of its main subsidiaries is Rede Amazônica, a regional television network affiliated to TV Globo. Grupo Rede Amazônica are dedicated to providing high-quality content and engaging experiences to their viewers and were the first broadcaster in Latin America to provide a 24/7 MPEG-H Audio service on one of their terrestrial broadcast channels using ISDB-Tb TV 2.5.


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