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MPEG-H Audio

MPEG-H Audio Personalized Immersive Sound

What is MPEG-H Audio?

The Fraunhofer IIS technology makes Next Generation Audio (NGA) a reality: Broadcasters and streaming providers around the globe count on it for their services and it is the basis of Sony’s immersive 360 Reality Audio music format. MPEG-H Audio opens the door to custom entertainment and advanced accessibility options – simply choose from presets or create your own settings. Enjoy a 3D audio experience that perfectly matches your preferences on mobile devices, soundbars, smart speakers, and even in the car.

Why MPEG-H Audio?

MPEG-H Personalized Icon


Dive into an experience that meets individual preferences and accessibility requirements. Choosing a language is as easy as enhancing speech with the AI-empowered MPEG-H Dialog+ technology.

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Discover a new world of sound that envelops you and brings you into the center of the action – be it a musical performance, a movie, or a sports event.

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Deliver lifelike experiences to a broad range of devices. One mix adapts to compatible platforms – from home theaters to soundbars and even headphones.

Where to Find MPEG-H Audio

Our ears play as important a role in how we experience the world as our eyes. At the same time, listening preferences and requirements are highly individual. Transport your audience into the world you create and help them make it theirs.

MPEG-H Broadcast


MPEG-H Audio lets you switch between languages, adjust the volume of individual objects, enhance the dialogue, and choose between audio descriptions.

MPEG-H Music


The NGA technology lets you experience a musical performance from wherever you choose. Move from the middle of the audience to the center of the stage with the tap of a button.

MPEG-H Production


The MPEG-H Audio Authoring Suite is a free toolset for intuitive and efficient NGA content production. It covers the entire production chain including delivery and playback.

How to Integrate MPEG-H Audio

MPEG-H Audio is a mature technology fully implemented in consumer products. It is on the air 24/7 in Brazil and South Korea.

Create future-proof solutions and software tools that bring the full spectrum of MPEG-H Audio to the world. Experienced Fraunhofer experts are on hand to offer support and software libraries help you develop your own custom products.

MPEG-H Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Upgrade your devices with MPEG-H Audio playback and deliver the most comprehensive audio experience. 

MPEG-H Automotive


Take in-car entertainment from listening to music or podcasts to a full-blown audio adventure. 

MPEG-H Software Integration

Software Integration

Empower your software solution by making it part of the ever-growing MPEG-H Audio ecosystem.

The MPEG-H Audio Academy – Learn, Create, Experience

Next Generation Audio systems like MPEG-H Audio revolutionize the way we listen, produce content, and develop products. Begin your MPEG-H Audio journey now and go on a deep-dive into our tutorials, manuals, and development resources for everyone from beginner to pro.

MPEG-H Academy

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