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MPEG-H Audio is a state-of-the-art Next Generation Audio system. To familiarize producers and artists with the possibilities and usage of such advanced audio technologies, Fraunhofer provides a range of tools that cover all steps of the audio industry from creation to playback.
The MPEG-H Authoring Suite is a set of powerful tools to create MPEG-H Audio content. It covers all steps of the production, delivery, and playback chain. The easy-to-use tools let you author, convert, create, monitor, analyze, encode, and play AV- or audio-only content. The MPEG-H WL-App is an exemplary build of a multimedia player for Android OS that can showcase all features of the MPEG-H Audio format. 
Get an overview of the individual tools that make life easier for creatives like you and watch some tutorials to see what you can do with them. If you already know everything about the tools and demo material, take this shortcut to the download page provided by our partner LZE and get creating!

MPEG-H Authoring Suite Tools
MPEG-H Authoring Tool logo

The MPEG-H Authoring Tool (MHAT)

Easily add MPEG-H Audio metadata to existing mixes

The comprehensive software tool to easily define specific MPEG-H Audio parameters, listen to your configurations instantly, and export your authored mixes.

MPEG-H Authoring Plug-In logo

The MPEG-H Authoring Plug-in (MHAPi)

Create interactive, immersive MPEG-H Audio scenes

The Plug-in lets you create an object- or channel-based MPEG-H Audio production with your favorite DAW. Import static and dynamic metadata from existing MPEG-H Production Format files, combine channel-based components and dynamic audio objects, and add interaction as well as immersive audio.

Find out more about using MPEG-H Audio in Nuendo and Pro Tools.

MPEG-H Production Format Player logo

The MPEG-H Production Format Player (MPF Player)

Check your mix before delivery

Ensure your creative work meets highest quality standards before you encode and deliver your production. The MPF Player enables you to verify A/V sync, review scene authoring, check render layouts, and preview interactivity.

MPEG-H Info Tool logo

The MPEG-H Info Tool (MHIT)

Keep track of your project’s metadata

You need more information about a projects’ details? The MHIT provides an insight into file-related information as well as a scene overview of an MPEG-H Master including all metadata. It can also perform automated tests for ADM-based content.

MPEG-H Conversion Tool logo

The MPEG-H Conversion Tool (MCO)

Your interface to the MPEG-H Audio ecosystem

Convert MPEG-H compliant content masters between file formats. Import files created by other tools and integrate MPEG-H Authoring into your existing workflows.

MPEG-H Encoding and Muxing Tool logo

The MPEG-H Encoding and Muxing Tool (MHEX)

Finalize and distribute your production

Simply encode your audio data and multiplex it into several output formats – with or without adding a pre-encoded video track.

MPEG-H VVPlayer logo

The MPEG-H VVPlayer (MHVP)

Get the full MPEG-H Audio experience

Play back encoded MPEG-H Audio mp4 files and adapt all customizable features during playback. From language selection in films to changing instrument positions in audio-only files – the VVPlayer makes it all possible.

MPEG-H White Label App logo


Experience the full scope of your MPEG-H Audio Mix

WL-App is a multimedia player for Android OS to showcase all features of the MPEG-H Audio format. Get insights into your audiences’ experience by interacting with an MPEG-H Audio mix in real-time during playback.

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