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Consumer Electronics

The MPEG-H Audio system is designed to work in today’s well-established streaming and broadcast environments.
Create TV sets, loudspeakers, headphones, or soundbars that deliver personalized audio complete with custom UI on the device in addition to immersive sound.

Crafted for the latest ways to consume media, the MPEG-H Audio system delivers outstanding audio capabilities to devices from mobile phones to TV sets.
Leading manufacturers of components such as chipsets have already incorporated MPEG-H Audio capabilites into their parts. This means that Consumer Electronics manufacturers can use these to enhance the playback capabilities of their current and future devices.
In addition to that, the Fraunhofer technology experts can provide advice that facilitates independent integrations and the Trademark Program helps ensure MPEG-H Audio capable devices are interoperable and deliver programming with advanced audio features.

MPEG-H Software Integration


MPEG-H Automotive

MPEG-H Audio means one production, one stream to all devices on multiple platforms. Experience how MPEG-H Audio delivers emotions anywhere even in the car. Feel completely immersed and enveloped in sound while driving. Discover how every seat in your car can become the front row of your idol’s concert.

MPEG-H Audio Decoder

Consumers have come to expect immersive sound and personalized experiences. Empower your audio player to deliver both with MPEG-H Audio: Develop comprehensive solutions for software players and client devices. Our software implementation is now available on GitHub, making it easier for developers to include MPEG-H Audio playback in their applications. The MPEG-H Audio GitHub repositories include, next to the decoder source code, example programs and wiki pages with helpful technical documentation.

Get started on your own creative solution.

MPEG-H Software Integration


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